Welcome Gabrielle June Dempsey

It’s been a LONG week and all three of us are exhausted.    So many of you have been after us for pictures and I know we need to take some, but the fact of the matter is – I’m tired.   I think the only one of us that has gotten any sleep this week has been Gabrielle.   I did manage to get the camera out the other night and took some quick pictures.  Nothing too fancy, but they get the cuteness across 🙂  Maybe this weekend I can get the rest of my gear out and take some better pictures.

Melanie is doing well.  She spent 14 hours in labor to end up having a c-section.

Family : You can re-post these on facebook and myspace.. but PLEASE DO NOT TAG US in the photos.

So without further delay, here is our angel!  PS. Click on the pictures to make them larger!