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Getting back on the saddle – Bill Dempsey

Getting back on the saddle

Life happened and I took an extended break from photography. I realized that while I was photographing my client’s memories, I was missing making own with my family.  I picked up my camera this weekend and it felt great. I missed creating art.  A void I have had was filled again.

After some soul searching, I’m ready to re-open my business.  Since this is a hobby for me, my goal is to make art, and not money.  My session pricing will be updated to reflect my cost of doing the session. Keep in mind, you are paying for my time away from my family.

I still plan on being picky with my sessions.  I want to work with those that are interested in creating art and not Sears type portraiture.  I will not be going back to weddings and there are far better newborn photographers out there than myself 🙂 I plan on focusing on family, children, High School Seniors and boudoir.

Some exciting upcoming events!

I’m going to kick off the seedling workshop again!

The Seedling workshop

The seedling workshop is for those that want top get the most out of their DSLR or mirrorless camera.  The end game of this work shop is to get you shooting in manual mode with your camera. YIKE! I know. But it can be done!


  • Date will be in January some time.
  • We will learn the exposure triangle and how each setting (ISO/Aperture/Shutter speed) affects the image. This will help us shoot in manual mode.
  • How to “see the light”
  • Model shoot
  • Basic composition, with a focus on portraiture, but we will talk about landscapes and other types of photography as well.
  • Brief introduction to editing (I prefer to call it processing) images.
  • Not for professional photographers.  Requires modern DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

Branching Out workshop

  • Learn processing in light room and photoshop.  I go over my work flow and edit my images .  I’ll also edit some of your images and help you get the look you are wanting.  We discuss a variety of actions and presets that you will find helpful. January / February time frame.

Holliday Minis!

  • Early December.
  • Maybe hot chocolate stand theme or green screen “Christmas Window”
  • Up to 15 digital photos delivered on-line.
  • $100 dollars per 25 minute session

Boudoir Marathon

  • Just in time for valentines day. More info coming later.
  • Late December / Early January time frame.


For now, enjoy some photos I took of the kids 🙂

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