Chandler : Bill Dempsey WV High School Senior Photographer

Since the birth of Caitlynn, we’ve been taking a mini-vacation from photography. We’re starting to gear up for the 2015 season though – focusing on High School Seniors and Boudoir sessions. We have also become very selective on the clients we accept. As we’ve grown as photographers, we’ve become more interested in creating art and less interested in being a click and burn type photographer. If you are interested in creating some art with us, by all means contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

In December, we hope to announce a couple of Boudoir mini-sessions, just in time for valentines day! Stay tuned on facebook for more information!

Here are some quick pictures from Chandler’s mini-session.

I think it’s impossible for this guy to take a bad picture.


Handsome. That’s pretty much the only word to describe this guy.

Chandler is also an awesome quad racer… I’m hoping to get some pictures of him and the quad in the spring.

Mom has to be proud!

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