Allie and Jason – Married : Bill Dempsey Elkins Wv Wedding Photographer

This weekend we had the honor of travelling to Lewisburg WV to capture the wedding of Allie and Jason.  We met some really good people and had a great time.

We were doing some detail shots when we learned that Allie had a coat hanger that read: Mrs. Hedrick.  We fell in love with it and had to use it in her photos.

Allie was absolutely gorgeous even before the makeup.  After her getting ready session, she was stunning. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Jason’s face the first time he saw her in her wedding dress.

I love the Lewisburg area.  I’m not sure why, but I still consider the southern part of WV home, even though I haven’t lived there for over thirteen years!  Enough about me, more about Allie! So we took Allie out to a neighboring field after she was finished putting her dress on. I loved the tones of the oats, her skin, and the contrast of her dress – so we used the area for some pictures.

Allie and Jason wanted to see each other before the wedding.  They make a beautiful couple.  It made our jobs easy.

Allie was smiles all day and completely giddy with excitement.   You can see her here doing her best not to smile in this more serious pose.

We call this shot “The Pull”.  A little bit of fun to break the ice during photos.

More of Allie being beautiful:

Jason, being the strikingly handsome Groom he was.

Some of our grooms get a little nervous and tighten up. Not Jason. He was a real trooper and didn’t give us any griefs about posing him.   He was ready to marry Allie, that’s for sure!

A little fun with the wedding Party.  Great group of people.  For that day, we felt like their family.

A little more serious shot of the wedding party.

Allie and her Maid of Honor

Allie and her Bridesmaid

Waiting to marry Jason

The guys

The church was amazing.  Some congregation members hand timbered  a lot of the wood and trim for the church.

Mr. and Mrs. Hedrick

The First Dance

…and the ending to a beautiful day.  Allie and Jason, thank you so much for allowing us to spend the day with you and capture your special moments.  We hope you enjoy your photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.  Best of luck to the both of you!

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