A little bit of workshop fun

As time goes by, I find myself loving to teach photography more and more. I’ve done several workshops and have several more planned for this year. I’ve had some great classes come through, but this last class is truly blessed. Several great photographers in the group. Traditionally, my workshops are a full Saturday. We do learning in the am hours and then photography later on during the day. This past class was strung out for a SIX week period. We spent one day a week focusing on several elements. We started with basic fundamentals, moved on to shutter speed, aperture and shooting manual. Everyone did very well! We ended our learning with shoot in the park with a local model, Tess.

First, a rule of thirds shot.

A pose by one of our students.  I wasn’t sure I would like the idea, but it turned out to be a great pose. My angle is a tad off here, I was combating 10 other photographers for a place to shoot 🙂


One of the nice things about shooting pre-spring is that you really have to search for elements to make a photo interesting. Here the class used a picnic table with early spring foliage to add some interest to the pictures. Clouds kept the students on their toes, as light was changing constantly.

This shot was teaching students how to use a reflector. We used a large 42″ gold / silver reflector on this shot.

Another assigment.. Leading lines. The lines of the sidewalk are supposed to lead you to the model, but my position was a little off.

This pose was to illustrate how to achieve great background bokeh at smaller apertures. We used a couple of tricks to get the right effects.

And a quick picture of our class rocking it out!

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