Lindsey : Elkins High School Senior : Bill Dempsey WV Senior Photographer

We’ve now had the pleasure of photographing two of Linda’s beautiful daughters for their senior portraits.   This week we were able to spend some time with Lindsey to capture her senior photos.

We started of with Lindsey at D&E college, it had been awhile since I had been up there shooting, but we got our groove back pretty fast.

When we start a session, I always ask if you consider yourself a good poser or not.  Lindsey didn’t think she was, but I gotta tell you – she did really well.

One of the things I like most about location photography is stumbling on locations you normally wouldn’t think about taking a picture at.  I love this picture of Lindsey – and check her pose out. Perfect 🙂

Autumn in Elkins? My favorite place and time of year.

This walkway is my normal go-to for Bride and Groom photos and works well for seniors too.

After spending some time at D&E we ventured down towards the park. The light was
starting to get at it’s prime.   I love the swirly bokeh the 50mm 1.2 lens gives me here.

A little more sassier pose.

Melanie ended up joining us an we decided to head down to the river to get some pictures and I’m glad we did.  We made some really great photos

Another river shot.

I completely love this photo.  This is SOOC – for my non-photographer readers, that means it’s straight out of camera with no additional editing or processing on my part. Sharpened up a little on export.

So best of luck with everything you do Lindsey! We had a great time with you. Linda, thanks for allowing us to capture both of your beautiful girls senior portraits.

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