Brooke : Philip Barbour High School Senior : Bill Dempsey Elkins, WV Senior Photography

This weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Brooke’s High School senior portraits.  We had perfect weather and a blast.

Seriously, Brooke was so photogenic, I think it was impossible to take a bad picture of her.

We started off at the Elkins Depot and got some great shots. The sun was a little bright, but we made due.

Doesn’t she have a great smile?

Quick stop before leaving the depot.

I typically shoot with the 50mm 1.2 lens, but have a new found love for the 70-200 2.8 II. It’s a beast, but I’m loving the results.

A couple of early fall freezes really expedited the leaves falling. We were still able to capture some wonder colors. Brooke is one of those seniors you could photograph all day. She’s a natural poser.

Always scouting for new locations, and we scored big here. I could have spent all day in this area. We had a great time and Brooke was so patient.

I’m loving the sun flare in this image. We just happened to be walking to our next location and spotted this open area. Score 🙂

Another great area.

Photographing seniors in the water isn’t anything new. What is new for us is that by the time the session was over, Brooke was *Completely* drenched. She had no fear.

My favorite from the day!

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