This and That, 2011: Elkins, Valley Bend, Mill Creek, Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I’ve been a bad blogger. Guilty as charged.  We’ve had a lot going on this summer.  Now that the dust has settled, Im going to try to get back in the swing of things.  Lots of big news for 2012…. So lets get started!

First off, many of you don’t know, but Melanie’s father was diagnosed with a severe form of brain cancer mid-last year.  At the onslaught Melanie began to spent as much time with her father as she possibly could.  This understandably threw me behind. I ended up taking over a lot of Melanie’s responsibilitys and became really backed up.  Right now, we are running about 4 months behind on album design and a couple of days on orders.  We know it’s unacceptable to you, and frankly, it’s unacceptable to us.  On the bright side,   I’m happy to report that currently Melanie’s father is doing really well.

Secondly, we finally got moved.  This has to be the single most tramautic event of my life.  During the move we were homeless for a day, suffered a studio breakin (If you see someone running around with a canon 5d Mark II and 85 1.2 with a celctic neckstrap, shoot me an email), and emotionally drained.  In the end, it was completely worth it. We are currently in Valley Bend (still serving Elkins though) :).  We have 20 acres of land to shoot outdoor portraits and lots of studio space to do inside shoots.  On of the most stressful things has been trying to get internet.  We actually managed to survive *3* months without it. How, I don’t know., but I’m happy to report that we now have internet!  YAY!

I’ll post more pictures later, but for now… Here’s the outside of our home /studio.

Our New Home / Studio
Home / Studio

Our little girl has grown up so fast.  We will  be celebrating the big number “2” in March. Time flies by so fast. Every day is a new adventure with her.

Even though I have been bad about posting previews, we’ve still ben really busy.  We’ve done a couple of weddings, several seniors,  a maternity session and some familys.  We’ve also ben kept busy with a steady stream of newborns from Davis Memorial Hospital.  For those of you interested, we are doing newborn services for the OB department.  We give back 30% of everything you spend to the OB floor.

I’ve had a lot of wedding inquiries lately. Unfortunately, we are booked until August. After August we have a couple of dates open, but you will need to act fast!  We only take a select number of weddings per season, and we are almost there.

So what’s been going on with Bill? Well, I’ve been keeping busy as you can imagine. I have lost my zest for facebook and twitter.. I’m mostly over the entire social media thing.  I’ve started coding again, doing a little bit of ipad (IOS) development in my spare time, which I don’t have a lot of.  Other than that, nothing super exciting to speak of.

So to all of our loyal customers in 2011, thank you, and for the new ones in 2012 : Welcome aboard!  We are glad to have you as part of our family!

And I can’t beleive I have to say this, but as a photographer, I own the rights to all of my work. Be it photographs or logs.  So if you are another photographer, and you’ve used a logo I’ve created or photograph in any of your works, your violating the copyright law.  Enough said.

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