Erin and Mark: Married. Elkins WV Wedding Photography

I’m going to hijack Erin’s blog post for just a minute to give everyone a quick update.  It’s finally happening! We are MOVING this week.  Nearly six months ago we found a place just a little outside of Elkins city limits with lots of land and a great studio space.  This was a big decision for us because we love our current home.  Being zoned residential and Elkins B&O taxes made for a rough business life though.  Once we get moved in, I will be posting pictures for sure.  Hopefully, life will return to normal and I can get back into a routine again.  We’ve had lots of drama selling our home and have been living out of boxes for about three months now… Not fun.  The entire point of this story is that our phone number will be changing. We just not

So lets get started with Erin and Mark’s wedding. Erin = Beautiful.  Mark = Beautiful. Wedding = Beautiful.  All of that made for a perfect day.  So lets start with some detail shots.

Elkins Wv Wedding Photography Photographer

Elkins Wv Wedding Photography Photographer

Bling 🙂

Out of all of the things I loved about Erin and Mark’s wedding, I think I loved Erin’s dress the most.  It suited her and was beautiful.

Elkins Wv Wedding Photography Photographer

In this picture, maid of honor Holly quickly closes the curtains while Erin’s sister applies some last minute makeup – after a spotting of the Groom.

Elkins Wv Wedding Photography Photographer

Erin checks out the dress.  Yes, it’s impeccable!

The thing I will remember most about Erin’s father? He was always smiling.  In every picture I have of him, he’s all smiles.  He was so happy for his daughter.

Elkins Wv Wedding Photography Photographer

Erin in her dress. Is she beautiful or what? I love how her dress just flows.


The gals were all kind of fun too. Really easy to work with. Made us feel like part of the wedding party 🙂


Sisters, all beautiful.

And now for Mr. Handsome, Mark, looking sharp in his tux.

The guys, Chilling:

And now presenting, Mr. and Mrs. Metz!

We’ve done some sessions up at Scott Hill before but this was our first wedding there. Perfect! Brides to be, if you are looking for a venue, look no further.  I could have shot there all day long.

As much as I hate to, I am going to have to end this blog post.  Our internet at our current office will be getting shut off any minute now.  Good luck Erin and Mark.  Thank you SO much for letting us be a part of your special day.  You really made us feel like family. It was hard to not drop the camera and celebrate with you.  BEST OF LUCK TO YOU BOTH! – Bill & Melanie.


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