Photography School! From Dud to Pro!

I’m happy to announce my next workshop. I’m working out the details but it looks like it’s going to be at the end of March  or April and may span over a couple of weeks – and yes, it will be in the Elkins area. So many of you have been emailing me since Christmas (I’m guessing Santa has been good to you all) that I figured it would be a great time to start offering workshops.

I would like to register about 8-10 people.  I’ll open registration in February and the cost will be $150 per person.

Here are the requirements:
1. To attend you can’t be a professional or advanced amateur. You’ll mostly be wasting your time if you are.
2. You’ll need a digital SLR – or at least a camera that has the following functions “M” “AV” “TV”. Any brand is fine. Canon is great, Nikon is cool, Sony is cute.
3. Positive attitude. No downers. This is about learning, having fun and making art!

What your going to learn:

  • About your digital SLR. How it works and why you should or shouldn’t care what brand you use.
  • Aperture + Shutter speed + Iso and how they make exposure.  How your camera determines exposure.
  • Reading your histogram and dealing with White-balance.
  • Lenses and why the one that came with your camera stinks.
  • When to use which mode of your camera.  We will mostly be shooting in manual mode, but the other modes are useful too!
  • Shooting in RAW vs shooting in JPG.
  • Landscape photos. How to shoot water falls and etc. How time of day affects the feel of your photo.
  • Portraits. Posing and painting with light. Using reflectors.  I’ll bring in one of my High School senior reps for a mini session.
  • Sports photos. Focusing and best practices.
  • Photoshop -Correcting color and exposure.
  • Photoshop – Actions, what are they and where to find free ones!
  • Starting your own business – What paper work you need to file and etc.

Please pass this along to anyone you know with a camera that would like to learn how to use it!  If you are interested, please email me: and I will keep you in the loop!

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