Katie and Ray – Engaged : Bill Dempsey WV Engagement Photographer

Two people coming together in love. It was so great to get to meet Katie and Ray. I can’t think of two more perfect people from each other. I could go on and on about them. They were so much fun, I could have shot them all day long.

Great weather and a great location. We couldn’t keep them from smiling – and I don’t blame them. They are truly happy.
Ray and the look

I loved the shed on this property. We were able to get all kinds of good shots in front of it. It’s hard to believe October is almost over. Sigh.
katie and Ray

Nothing like a little bit of sun flare to set the mood 🙂  We were able to catch it coming over the mountain several times that night.
Katie and Ray Again

Check out Katie. She’s way too happy 🙂 Can’t say I blame her though.

A kiss. Good times.
The Kiss

Not that Elkins is a metropolis or anything, but I love to get outside of town to shoot.  We do “urban” shoots way too much.  Anytime we get out in the country, that’s instant blog material 🙂

Love Bugs

The light was coming down through the leaves.  They were on fire.  Crazy good colors.
Love Bugs 2

No photo shoot is complete without some WVU apparel 🙂
Katie and Ray

Katie and Ray : We are about 60% finished with your photos. We should have them on-line for you soon. Great meeting with you and we are excited about the opportunity to shoot your wedding!

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