Jessica and Jason – Married : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer

I’m going to mix things up a little bit and change the format of my postings. For weddings, I’m going to blog a little each day after the wedding. More pictures. More verbiage and more misspellings 🙂 It’s a win-win for everyone. So here we go.

Day 1: Getting Ready

I had the opportunity to work with another great couple this weekend ; Jessica and Jason.  There’s nothing better than watching two beautiful people getting together to make a beautiful family.  So lets start with some details:  The Ring Shot.  Being a guy, I completely dig his ring.
Ring Shot
And now… The dress. Check out the details. I love it. Wait until you see her in it! She definitely found THE dress.
Speaking of dresses… This was too cute to not include
I have a dress too
It’s good to have connections… Especially when your future mother-in-law can do hair 🙂
Taking care of the hair
And some of the bridesmaids getting ready too:
The crew
Mom and dad have to be proud of their little girl. She is such a great person. Beautiful on the inside and outside 🙂
And now back to the dress. Doesn’t Jessica look radiant?
Putting the dress on
Some more of the dress details:
The Dress
Taking a break from getting ready.
And another
All relaxed

Day 2 : Jessica’s Formals

Here we are with Day 2.  Today I will be posting some of Jessica’s formals.     Jessica was so great to work with. All smiles, all day.  You could tell she was truly happy to be marrying Jason.  We will have some pictures of Jason tomorrow 😉
It was a beautiful day outside… so we were able to not only get some great indoor shots but some nice outdoor shots too.  Below Jessica glows after putting on her dress.
Check out her smile, is she ready to do this or what 🙂
Strike a pose 🙂 We stopped by the breezeway for a few quick snaps. You wouldn’t know it, but it was dead in the day. 2:00 sun, and it was harsh. Jessica was a trooper. Some brides would have started complaining about melting and makeup running. Not Jessica. She hung in there. Walked all over the place with us.
I know I said it yesterday, but I will say it again today: This dress is perfect for Jessica. She rocks it!
Some dramatic lighting here:
And a quick look of the back of her dress to round out day 2
Tomorrow? Tomorrow we will be taking a look at the strikingly handsome Jason 🙂 Stay tuned!

Day 3 : Shark week 🙂

Just a quick joke at Jason’s expense 🙂 Jason definitely was the most excited groom that we’ve had all summer. He couldn’t sit still at all. Well, maybe once:
Jason Poses : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer
Good times. I wish every Groom were Jason. He was so ready to try anything we asked him to do.
Jason Poses : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer
Check him out, all smiles. He was so ready to marry Jessica. You can see it in his eyes. He kept checking his watch. He knew it was getting close to time to go.
Jason Poses : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer
Here’s an edgy formal pose. I love the lighting in this.
Jason Poses : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer
Details shot:
Jason Poses : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer
For tomorrow, we’ll do post some of the wedding party shots. They were an uber-awesome crew.
Jason Poses : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer

Stay tuned for Day 4….

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