Jared – 2011 Lincoln HS Senior : Bill Dempsey Elkins WV Senior Portrait Photographer

First off, congrats on being a senior Jared. I look back at what now seems eons ago and have fond memories of my senior year. I’m sure you will too. Secondly, Steve and Linda, you have a lot to be proud about. Jared is an awesome kid, err.. young adult. You two did well with him.

I’m going to catch up with blogging this weekend, so here we go.

We started with some shots down by the river.   It was hot and humid!

Jared : Lincoln 2011 HS Senior

A pose on some steps. You should have smiled Jared – but I like the look none the less 🙂
Jared : Lincoln 2011 HS Senior

The baseball uniform: The sun was really starting to go down and I wanted to get kind of a vintage look without being fake vintage on this one:
Jared : Lincoln 2011 HS Senior

My favorite of the evening. Melanie has poison ivy now, but I think it was worth it 🙂


Down by the train depot. No open shade and even though it was getting later, it felt like it was getting hotter. Jared was a trooper.
Jared : Lincoln 2011 HS Senior

One last one:
Jared : Lincoln 2011 HS Senior

Jared, I hope I get get you back in the fall for some formals and some more outside shots. Steve and Linda, I will post the rest of the images on-line Monday for you!  HMM.. as a side note, flickr is making all my pictures I post on-line look fuzzy.  They really aren’t.

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