Jessica and Jonathan Married : Sneak Peek : Bill Dempsey Elkins WV Wedding Photography

WOW! What a wedding. A simple blog post isn’t going to do it much justice, but I’m going to give it a try.

The day started off bad. Not in the sense that the groom didn’t show, or the bride ran, but in the sense of weather. We knew we wanted to do some shots out by the farm. I’ve been waiting for this wedding all summer. It didn’t look good. They sky was dark, there was some thunder and finally a rain / wind storm. Ugh. Not good.

No worries I thought. This church is beautiful. Wood slat ceilings. Yes Bill, we’re going to get some great pictures in here!


The wedding started and and soon the last thing on my mind was the rain. I went outside to grab some pictures at the receiving line and noticed – SUNSHINE! Oh, it’s on now!

As we pulled into the farm I couldn’t help think how great these were going to turn out.  When they say: West Virginia, Almost Heaven – they are talking about this farm.

Melanie and I went back and forth with poses.  We got some great shots.  I wasn’t thrilled about shooting in full sun, but we pulled it off.  The tractor rocked!

We kind of wanted the Norman Rockwell look for the shot below.  Got the lighting just right. DRILLED!

Another great shot with the tractor.
The wedding party: All smiles.  I loved this group.
Trista and Family.  I really wanted to shoot their wedding last year but we were soooo booked it wasn’t possible.  If I could turn back time, I would have called in sick to our other wedding and shot hers 🙂
Jessica and Jonathan were so fun.  We worked in a lot of our ideas with some of theirs. I love her smile… and we got a grin out of him 🙂
I couldn’t get enough of the texture of the barn.  It made for the perfect back drop.
I have another one of the one below where she is looking up at him and he is looking down at her.  It’s a great shot – I didn’t want to post it here. I figured it would be a good surprise for them when they get their DVDs.
From time to time some of my friends will email me and talk about how tired they are of doing country weddings.  Not me.  I’m in Elkins, which is by no means a metropolis , but at they same time – we don’t have a lot of farm land.  It’s rare I get to do pictures on a farm – which is sad, because that is my favorite setting.  It’s where we got our start.  Quick trivia question: Our first official wedding was done on a farm in what town?: _________.

Everyone really seems to love the tractor shot.  I’ve received a lot of comments on it… but so far my favorite shot is the one below.  I love the field.
A dreamy wedding deserves a dreamy shot.  I’m so happy for these two!

Best of luck gang! Melanie and I enjoyed working with you, your family and friends.  I have a lot of great shots from the ceremony and reception, but chose to showcase the farm photos because Jessica seemed most excited about those.

So there you have it.  Right now we are gearing up for our next wedding which should be just as great. Until them, I’m booked full of HS Seniors.

If you need to book us, get ahold of me.  We are filling up fast for next year.  Added Bonus:  We haven’t established 2011 prices yet… Which are most likely going to increase 20-30%.

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