Melody and Rick: Sneak Peek : Elkins WV Wedding Photography

Sometimes things just work out.  That was the case with Rick and Melody.  They needed a photographer and we had a booking on that date that cancelled.  I’m never glad to see a wedding cancelled but at the same time I am so happy that we had the chance to be with Melody and Rick.  Talk about a great couple.  I have to be the luckiest photographer on the face of the earth.  All of our bride and grooms are such wonderful people.

So lets get to the sneak peek.

First – Melody.  She was so calm yet so full of energy.  Some things went wrong on her day and some things weren’t done right – but she took it in stride and didn’t let it ruin her day.
Melody Poses

Rick was a trip.  He was willing to do any pose we threw at him – and he had fun. He even smiled a couple of times 🙂

They also had the super-coolest pair of shoes on earth. Don’t take me wrong… There isn’t anything wrong with being traditional – but after you photograph white sandals after white sandals it becomes mundane.  Check out Rick’s shoes too 🙂

The Gals:
Bridal Party
The Guys:
Rick n the gang

And a tender moment. They deserved this after a long day.

Ok, I wasn’t going to do it – but one more…. I couldn’t resist:

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