Kristin and Jarrod: Sneak Peek

The thing I love most about wedding photography has to be the people.  I’m in it for the passion. I love to see new love and happy couples.  When you first meet Jarrod you think, Wow, he’s a great guy… Kristin is a lucky gal.  Then when you meet Kristin you say, wow.. She’s a super gal… Jarrord is a lucky guy.  These two are both such beautiful people.  They just have that aura around them.  Kristin and Jarrod – Melanie and I wish you the best of luck.

We have a lot of pictures to process but thought we would do a sneak peek real quick.  Your pictures turned out wonderful.  The hardest part about posting pictures for a sneak peek is, well, picking out which pictures to show.  We always try to find ones that tease, and give you something to look forward to.

First, the obligatory shot of the shoes.  Kristin was smart and brought some flip-flops along to wear while hiking to various shoots.  More on that later 🙂

Like I was saying earlier.. Jarrod was a super guy.  Down to earth, handsome and funny.  He was eager to try any pose we threw at him.

Kristin was just beautiful bride.  She did things right: She enjoyed her wedding day.  She had so much fun – and I’m glad we were there to catch it.
Kristin the Bride
Now I have to tell you: I love outdoor pictures.  It’s so great not to be locked into a studio or a church.  There are so many places at Halliehurst Mansion to take wonderful pictures.   If you are interested in getting married there, let us know… We can hook you up with a great contact (Plug for Michael :))
Father's Kiss

Kristin and Jarrod were so refreshing.  They liked fun and spontaneous pictures… and really… that’s how we roll and where we excel.

Simple shot of Kristin and Jarrod walking down steps…
The trail
The first of many power struggles? Haha. Just kidding. A playful shot:
Happy Couple

Shot of the bouquet. This was actually taken at Graceland, the mansion right beside Halliehurst.
And here are the cute flipflops that Kristin had… They say “Just Married”.
Just Married

We’re taking Sunday afternoon off and enjoying what’s left of the weekend.  June and July have been so busy.  We’ve had so much fun this year with all of our brides and grooms.

Kristin and Jarrod: Best of luck to you.

Bill & Melanie

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