Wedding: Maranda and Dean

Congratulations to Maranda, Dean and Family. We had a wonderful time photographing their wedding!  We’ve been so fortunate this season – we’ve not had one bad wedding and not one single Bridezilla (oops— did I just jinks myself?????) Maranda’s son was an absolute ham.  Admittedly, I kind of cringe when it’s time to take pictures of the kids – usually it’s a struggle – a fun one, but a struggle.  Not Kurtis.  He was awesome! Curtis and Maranda

The surprise of the day:  Maranda’s dress.  Dean had no idea that Maranda had secretly decided to wear a different dress.  You should have seen the look in his eyes when she walked down the isle.  She was a very beautiful bride! Maranda and Dress Dean was a super-sport.  he was willing to pose just about anyway we asked him.  Down to earth -handsome groom. Dean and Curtis

Dean and Maranda: Thanks again for letting us shoot your wedding. Dean and Maranda

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