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Bridal Expo – Good times! – Bill Dempsey

Bridal Expo – Good times!

It was great to get to put a face to some of you that have contacted us in the past. We really look forward to working with all of you. We had a great time. I had planned on taking pictures, but we turned out to be a lot busier than we expected.. so I only have a few “setup” pictures. This were all shot at ISO 3200.

Kind of funny… I guess “Bridal Expo” triggered wedding in my mind and went all crazy with blowing out whites and crushing blacks … so forgive the exposure 😛 I wasn’t shooting raw and used only the on-camera noise reduction.

First picture was of Melanie setting up our flowers. We got a lot of positive comments on that – which was a nice surprise especially since we were in the same room as a florist. Karma later prevailed though – our vase busted and water went everywhere!

Another non-interesting shot of Melanie doing setup:


A shot of our final spread. Right after this, people started coming in, and I had to put the camera down.


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