Hunting for Locations : Adobe CS 4

Spent most of today looking around town for an actual studio.  We keep going back and forth on “Do we need a studio, or do we not?”.  A studio would be nice to do business at and formals – but I really don’t know what kind of demand I’m going to have for those.  We found an awesome corner and if the price is right.. I think we are going to act on it.  Yesterday was like 70 degrees and today it’s like 40. What the heck? None the less, we found time for Mel to do some quick poses.

Also, had a chance to really sit down and play with Photoshop CS4.  One word: YES.  It’s not a huge upgrade, but almost every single little thing that erked the CRAP out of me in CS3 has been fixed in Photoshop CS4.  Upgrading for me was a no brainer.

I think we will utilize the train yard in some of our shoots.  I really like the results we got.

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