Animals and Hosts : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer

First, a quick thanks to my host, machighway.  I signed for a new package on their newer systems, and it’s made a world of difference.  I think the blog time-outs are gone.  Excellent customer service and tech support.

Secondly.  There’s nothing new exciting going on.  Canon has said it’s going to be mid-December before I get the 5d MK II.  It’s killing me.  I can’t wait.

So.. Anyway, when we were originally doing package pricing Melanie had asked me about pet pricing.  Pet pricing? I told her that was a whole other realm that I didn’t know if we wanted to get into.  Why? She asked.  Well, it’s simple.  The only thing more hard headed than Melanie is any animal 🙂

As always, Melanie wins.  We will do portraits of your pets.

This is Haylee.  She’s a Bi-Blue Shetland Sheepdog.



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