Senior Rep Application

**AT THIS TIME WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR 2015 SENIORS From Elkins High School and Tygart Valley High School

What is a Senior Rep?

A Senior Rep is someone that is going to pimp out iDempsey Photography to all their friends and classmates.  We’re going to give you some bling to dazzle your friends.  Our hopes are that once your friends see what we can do – they are going to come to us for their pictures.  Only one or two students from each local high school are selected to be senior reps for iDempsey Photography.

So as a rep, I’m scratching your back.  How are you going to scratch mine?

Glad you asked.  Here is what I am going to offer you:

  1. One free photo session that will last no longer than four hours (including travel time).  Bring as many changes of clothes as you like.  Pick up to four locations for the shoot.
  2. One DVD containing a web version of all the usable photos from your shoot.  You can post these on  FaceBook or God forbid, Myspace.  They will be stamped with our logo.
  3. Two 8×10 Photos, four 5×7 Photos and sixteen wallets
  4. A Brag Book containing the best photos from your session.
  5. 25-50 Senior Rep cards (business card size) with your picture on it – and our contact information.  This is what you will pass out to you friends when they say “WOW, your photos are awesome – who did them?”.    Each senior that comes in with one of your cards gets a discount.  Each card of yours that is brought in also gets YOU a discount on future purchases.
  6. Twenty five graduation announcements.   Most seniors use these as custom announcements.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t really one.  If someone sees and likes your pictures then give them your rep card.  Easy enough?  You are NOT expected to discuss pricing or packages with them or sell anything.

What are the rules?

  1. We will need your parent’s permission.
  2. You will need to sign a model release so that we can use your picture in advertising.
  3. You will pinky swear to promote us, and ONLY us, positively and all of the awesomeness that we are.  You can’t be a rep for us if you are a rep for another studio. No double dipping please J

What do I have to do to be a Senior Rep?

  1. Just fill out the application below – and if you’ve made the cut, we will contact you!

How do you pick Senior Reps?

1. There are a lot of different factors.  It mostly depends on what segment of students we are trying to appeal to for the year.  There isn’t anything scientific about our process at all.  Please don’t be disappointed if you’re not picked.  We invest a lot of money in our senior reps, so we try to find those that are going to give us the most bang for our buck.  It’s nothing personal – we still love you.

So how do I get started?

Be sure to have a picture handy, we require that!  We don’t care if you look like a GQ, Victorias Secret model or a runaway dump truck. We just want to get an idea of your style and if it’s going to work with what we are looking for.

Senior Rep Application

Fill out this form as best as you can. Make sure you upload recent pictures of yourself! Thanks!
  • Accepted file types: jpg.

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