2015 Seedling workshop registration! May 2nd 2015


*Seedling workshop is designed for beginners only.  Professional / Advanced classes are offered at other times! I do allow other beginner “professionals” to attend so as long as you are not located within 15 minutes of Elkins, WV.

** Class location will be in Elkins, WV on SATURDAY May 2nd.  This class will run from 9:00am – 3:00pm.  I’m still securing a location.

So you’ve got this new camera and you don’t know how to use it or where to turn.  Great! We are here to help!  This class is going to get you started with the basics.

We will learn about:

  • Camera Brand / type. Does it matter?
  • Lens Types and when to use them.
  • Exposure Modes (Shooting manual, AV, TV, [P]) and when to use them.
  • What the heck is ISO?
  • I like my photos like I like my meat : Raw  (Shooting in RAW mode vs JPG)
  • Types of photography : We will focus on portrait photography, but will discuss Formal, Documentary, Landscape and etc.
  • Composition.
  • Hands on shooting with Bill.  We will have a model to take around town where you practice what you have learned!
  • BRIEF introduction to post-processing (Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Photoshop).

What you need for the Class / Workshop

  • A great attitude. Check your ego at home. We are here to learn and have some fun!
  • A digital SLR or a camera capable of being switched to manual mode. I have two I can loan out. But I need to know before hand if you need to borrow one.
  • Lunch – Due to the ultra-low price of the class, we won’t be providing you lunch.  We will break for an hour.  You can brown bag your lunch and chat with me, or go out and grab some food.
  • Money.  This class will set you back $50.  This money goes towards location rental and model fee.  100% payment is due the day of the class.  Past students – if I have room, you are free to take this class again at no fee.
  • I must get 10 participants to make this break even financially.  If we get 9, I’ll cover the additional cost. If we get less, we will cancel.

If you have any photos you would like me to edit or creative critique, please send those to me ahead of time.  You can email them to Dempsey.bill@gmail.com or bring them on a USB flash drive.

Registration Form (You MUST be registered to attend this class. NO walk-ins please!)

Seedling Registration

Registration for Seedling Workshop
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