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Meet Amanda : Elkins High School Senior Rep . Elkins, WV Photographer – Bill Dempsey

Meet Amanda : Elkins High School Senior Rep . Elkins, WV Photographer

** Please note:  It’s rumored that some of our High School Seniors are hearing that in order to get their picture placed in the yearbook that they have to their picture taken by the official school photographer.  Although many schools do have a designated “school picture” photographer, you are still free to seek out any artist you desire to capture your senior photos.  Just tell your school photographer that you would like the “yearbook only” package.  This should be done to you free or with little charge.

Now since I know a couple of school photographers, and consider them friends, I’ll throw this out there: Most of them do try to support the schools and give back some of the proceeds of any package you purchase to the school.  So in honest disclosure, I don’t directly give any money back to your school.  I am however a registered and tax paying business, so I do indirectly support our community as well.  Just because we didn’t bid, or attempt to contract your school doesn’t mean we don’t love you or your school. It just means we consider ourselves boutique and exclusive.

Shew! Now that we have that out of the way:

Our first Senior rep of the year!  We had a great time photographing Amanda the other day and are proud to present to you her first set of pictures.  Soon Amanda will have some Senior Rep cards that she can give you that will be good for 20% off your entire Senior Order.

Check out her eyes. Wow.

We headed over to D&E College to snap a few quick pictures.  I can’t begin to tell you how hot and humid it was.  Amanda persevered and we got some great shots.  I completely love the shot on the left.  I think it’s my favorite of the group.  Usually, I stay pretty consistent with my style, but have been trying some newer processing methods.  The middle picture is a result of that.  It has more of a true “film” look.

Some Pictures at  City Park and the ivy wall at the College.

Mom has to be proud of her.  She’s one of those gals that shines inside and out.

The picture on the left is also result of a new processing style I’m trying.  I’m kind of digging the old school film look. What do you guys think?

That’s all from this set.  I’m looking forward to our next session with Amanda.  We should have some more of our senior reps up soon, if it ever stops raining in Seattle, uh, I mean Elkins. 🙂

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