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Krissy and Gary – Married : Bill Dempsey Elkins WV Wedding Photography – Bill Dempsey

Krissy and Gary – Married : Bill Dempsey Elkins WV Wedding Photography

There are a lot of things you can never be sure about in life and on this day there were a lot of unknowns.  What would the weather be like? Will it rain?  Will we be able to find some open shade in the field to do pictures? Lots of questions that only time would answer.  One thing that we could be sure about was Krissy and Gary were in love.  The had simple and wonderful ceremony at Canaan.

Krissy’s dress hangs, waiting for its big moment.

Shoes resting on a bench.  The cabin that Krissy chose to get ready in was beautiful.

Bill Dempsey Elkins WV Wedding Photography


Weddings are always about the details. I’m not sure what it is about this picture, but it spoke to me.  It kind of sums up the day. Calm, tranquil and relaxed.  Krissy and Gary weren’t the least bit nervous.

Bill Dempsey - Elkins WV Wedding Photographer

Beautiful wedding cake for a beautiful couple 🙂  Butterflies were a big part of the theme.  It was really nice to see so many of them at Canaan while we were taking pictures.  Mother Nature was definitely on our side this day.

Bill Dempsey Elkins WV Photography

Krissy after getting ready.  She was worried it was going to rain, but she still managed to smile all day long.  This is the first of many smiles that day.  Krissy had a thought that she was a little nervous. I didn’t want to tell her, but she was just about as calm and had things well planned out as any bride we’ve ever met.  In fact, in three years of wedding photography, Krissy is the first bride to not only be ready on time, but early!

iDempsey Photography

Check out Gary – sly and hanging out.  He looked sharp for his wedding day.  One of the biggest tricks of the day was to keep Gary from seeing Krissy.  Krissy stayed on the lower level of the Cabin while Gary staid on the top floor.  I’m happy to report that everything worked out well.

iDempsey Photography Elkins WV Photography

A quick kiss from Krissy’s father before things started off.

iDempsey Photography

You wouldn’t believe how beautiful the ceremony was.  Mountains, haze and wonderful people.  Does it get any better than that? We don’t think so.

WV Photography

Happy Couple

Elkins West Virginia Wedding Photography

Another shot of the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Payne:

West Virginia Wedding

The rings:

iDempsey Photography WV Wedding Photography

The bubble blow:

West Virginia Photography

Congratulations Krissy and Gary.  You have a lot of great times ahead of you. Thanks again for letting us be apart of your special day.  We enjoyed the time we spent with you and your family.

Elkins WV Wedding Photography Idempsey Bill Dempsey

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