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Jessica and Doug – Married : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer – Bill Dempsey

Jessica and Doug – Married : Elkins WV Wedding Photographer

I’ve been itching to shoot this wedding ever since we booked the couple. I just couldn’t wait. We met with Jessica, and she was super awesome. I knew we had to have her as a bride.

Here we go; yup, I’m getting caught up. This is the first time I’ve shot a “getting ready” session at Shear Magic. Hope we have some more. Their team was super cool and knew what they were doing. Here’s Jessica, getting ready.
Getting Ready

Her dress rocked. We’ve had a lot of simple dresses this season so it was good to see one with some details.
Zipping it up

It was also nice to shoot at a church with some cool light. Seems like every time we had an indoor wedding this year it was pouring the rain down; The rain also blocked the sun, which in turn, blocked our light. So here’s to great light:
Window Shot

Doug was all heart during the wedding. Words don’t describe how happy he was to get married.
Doug the groom

We’re starting to incorporate some traditional looks for our pictures. Yeah, we still like the bold, modern and fresh look, but you have to admit… traditional is timeless. I love it when a couple that gets married indoors is willing to go out doors for some pictures. Thanks for taking the extra time with us Jessica and Doug. I think it was worth it 🙂
You already married me
A shot of the bouquets:

And another one of Jessica. Look how she glows 🙂
Happy Bride

The wedding party rocked hard-core. They were a great group to work with. We really felt like we were part of the family. I’ll miss this crew:
The Crew

Look at dad. Do you think he’s proud???
Father and Daughter

A couple that dances together, stays together. Remember that. Always remember to laugh and dance.
Happy Couple

Oh yeah, it’s on like Donkey Kong. I love it when a couple gets down and dirty. Cake anyone?
Cake Anyone?

Wow. Didn’t realize I posted so many pictures. I guess it’s back to proofing for me.

Jessica and Doug : Good luck. We enjoyed being your photographer(s).

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