Valerie and Josh : Sneak Peek

Our last wedding of the season, and it went out with a BANG.  The wedding was supposed to be Saturday, but a BLIZZARD was moving in fast.  Valerie and Josh made the hard decision to move the wedding to Friday night rather than Saturday.  This turned out to be a wise move on their part.  By the time the wedding was over we already had well over six inches of snow, and it was still snowing strong!  Saturday was so bad that most roads were shut down.

I’ve got to tell you – Valerie was a calm bride – all things considered.  I’ve said it once, and I will say it 100000 times more.  Happy brides make beautiful brides.  Valerie was absolutely stunning.  Valerie and Josh were pro’s.  We had no trouble getting them to pose for us.

Valerie Wedding

We could just tell how happy Josh and Valerie were.  They are both such wonderful people – so it’s no coincidence that they found each other.  I really hope we have a chance to watch their family grow.

Valerie Wedding

And the Bridal Party. I’ve never seen a group of girls get ready so fast and look so good!  Everyone showed up around six and the wedding was eight. That gave them two hours to get ready, minus about 40 minutes for rehearsal.

Valerie Wedding

We also had a chance to get some awesome shots in the snow:
Valerie Wedding

I guess that’s it for this year.  Here is looking towards 2010!

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