Cheryl and Adam – 03-28-2009: SNEAK PEEK

Our wedding season began with Cheryl and Adam, and we had a great time – they are such beautiful couple and both of their families were wonderful people.   Now that the dust has settled,  I’ve had a couple of minutes to go through our images and have picked a few to share with everyone. This is just a small sneak peek of some of the photos we took Saturday.   This is our first wedding using the 5d MK II and the 50mm 1.2.  Both shined.  I’m finally able to predict how the 5d MK II will meter.

First picture: Rings on the pillow:  I think I’m going to end up getting a good macro lens for ring shots.  The 5omm was two wide and the 70-200 was too cumbersome to use.  Maybe a telephoto extender would do the job.

Rings on pillow

Bouquet and Rings:  Shots like these are perfect fillers for albums – or album backgrounds.  I’m entirely happy with the sharpness I am getting from the 50mm.
bouquet with wrings

Cheryl’s feet!: 70-200mm.  Taken while Cheryl and I were outside… She was waiting to go down the isle.  She was soooo calm.. It made me nervous !
Cheryl feet

Cheryl and the butterfly favor. The butterfly had a seed in it that you could plant. Pretty cool, I thought.
Cheryl and Favor

Cheryl: The Radiant Bride!  I don’t know what else to say… She was just radiant.

Adam: The Groom!  Very handsome fellow.

Close up: I loved Adam’s tie.  If he would have taken it off and laid it down at any point.. I probably would have taken it and hidden it in my camera bag.  Just kidding… or am I :)???
Adam Flower

Cheryl and Adam: Together.  We wish them the best of luck.  They really are a wonderful couple.
Cheryl and Adam

Cheryl: Stained glass. Nice picture. I fought with exposure on this one… one of the shots I did as a silhouette, but I found this one below with the Cheryl’s face exposed to be more of a desirable shot.
Cheryl looking out window

Well, hope those are enough to get your mouth wet. For me, it’s back to the darkroom – we have hundreds of images to process. Than you Cheryl and Adam for such a wonderful time!

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