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Christmas is almost here – Bill Dempsey

Christmas is almost here

Still no sign of my new 5d MK II.  I’m thinking of ditching the 5d idea and just staying with the 1d MK III.  I really want a full frame digital though 🙂 Now there’s nothing wrong with the 10d, 40d or 1d MK III.  The pictures below were taken with the 40d.  I just wanted to give the 5d Mark II a spin.  It’s supposed to be superb in low light.

In other news – it has been a really busy December.  Our next shoot is scheduled for this weekend. We are taking photo’s at Davis Memorial Hospital’s annual Holly Ball. Should be a blast. Anyways… Some days it doesn’t seem like I can keep my head on straight.  We did manage time; however, to put up our Christmas tree.

I love A Christmas Story.  One of my all time favorite movies.
Christmas Story

Even though they are a REAL PITA, we always try to stick with real trees. I love the smell of them, and there’s nothing like cleaning up pine needles for the rest of the year. We went with a spruce this year.


In other news, this is the first year in like 5 years that I am off and don’t have anything scheduled for Christmas. Hmmm… to stay at home, or to go somewhere fun…

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