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This is your moment. How do you want to be remembered? That's the most important question you should ask yourself before picking a photographer to capture your senior portraits. Remember: Wherever you go or whomever you pick, please make sure their style helps define who you are. You're going to be happier later in life - I promise.

I know what it's like to have to pick a photographer - I've been there. I know that Senior pictures can be expensive - depending on where you go - and I know you want to save money, but seriously - try to work something out with a professional. You're probably thinking "Uncle Marty just bought a $2,000 dollar digital camera, I bet he can take my pictures." Sure he can - but does he know how to pose you? Does he understand lighting and flash and what about the inverse law? No matter what camera a photographer has, the pictures are only as good as the photographer. Never let a photographer try to sell you on their equipment. Let their pictures do the talking. If it makes you feel any better, we do use only Canon Professional equipment :)

We take your pictures seriously, so we use a professional lab to print our prints. You deserve the best! Our lab uses professional grade fuji paper, as this ensures that your memories aren't going to fade yellow and will remain nice and crisp for a long time.

Our most popular packages are:

Package Name What's Included
The "Old School" Package 3 8x10 Prints
6 5x7 Prints
32 Wallets
Low resolution Image CD **
The "Animal House" Package 6 8x10 Prints
12 5x7 Prints
48 Wallets
10 x 20 Photo Collage
Low resolution Image CD **
The "Accepted" Package The “Accepted” Package
6 8x10 Prints
12 5x7 Prints
48 Wallets
10 x 20 Photo Collage
Brag Book
Low Resolution Image CD **
**Low Resolution CD contains the best images from your session. Each image is watermarked and may be used for Facebook or other social networks. Printing of Low Resolution images is prohibited.

We also offer a wide variety of products to help enhance your memories. For more information on any product, please email us!

Brag Book - A spiral bound book of the most popular pictures from your session. These are printed on high quality paper - proven to last. Each brag book is individualized. BragBook
Announcements and Greeting Cards - It's simple. You pick the photos from your session and we custom design you a graduation announcement or greeting card. We offer a variety of finishes and paper. Say goodbye to those plain jane graduation announcements! Greeting Cards
Senior Poster - Have the ultimate in swag for your graduation party. A customized poster - completely customized for YOU! We offer a variety of sizes. Contact us! Poster
Dry Erase Boards - Mom's going to miss you. Help keep her memories of you alive with a dry erase board. Each board is customized with an image from your session. DryErase Board
...and on and on and on. We do several custom products. If you don't see something you are interested in, then contact us! We will make it happen!


**The above product images are stock images from our lab.  They incorporate photos not taken by idempsey photography.